Brummen, Netherlands, September 20, 2011: A tabletop proofing system that provides precise flexo colour predictability, without the need for fingerprinting has been made available in Europe for the first time.

The Perfect Proofer™ is an automated wet-proofing solution that lets ink lab technicians pre-flight their formulations under actual press conditions. Several of the proofer’s key features are identical to these of the target press, including photopolymer plate, tape materials, anilox type and cell-count, drying systemink type and substrate used. Furthermore, impression pressure and nip distances are adjustable by increments of microns. As a result, the proofer is capable of offering full predictability of the target result, to within a fraction of ?E, at the desired dot-gain.  This offers a significant improvement compared with the performance of conventional hand-held devices.

With the Perfect Proofer, therefore, the operator has assurance of achieving colour perfection without the need for re-adjustments on the press. This saves up to 15 minutes of set-up time per colour, which is typically required in order to achieve colour accuracy when conventional hand-held proofing alternatives are employed. Because of this, printers can boost their press productivity by hundreds of hours per year, and also eliminate any associated ink and substrate waste.

Helping the press crew achieve perfect colour reduces cost and increases customer satisfaction especially with the production of colour-sensitive packaging jobs such as food and cosmetics.

The unit’s proofing head is available with either a 1” (25 mm) or 2” (50 mm) anilox roll and handles photopolymer plates. As the unit’s ink-roller, anilox roll and impression roll are all gear-driven, it is possible to proof any substrate, including paper, film and carton board.   Also, the Perfect Proofer is compatible with all ink types. An accompanying fully automatic proof-head cleaning system, ‘Clean Machine’, removes ink residue from the head within a minute.


Print Proof Solutions helps flexo printers with lowering cost and saving time with press proofing their inks. The company is the European distributor for the Perfect Proofer, an automated proofing system for flexo inks with a proven track record and an installed base of 100 systems worldwide. The Perfect Proofer is manufactured by Integrity Engineering, Inc. (USA). Print Proof Solutions is located in Brummen, the Netherlands.

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