Print Proof Solutions install Perfect Proofer machine for large Netherlands manufacturer Hoomark.

Leading gift wrap and party accessories manufacturer Hoomark boosts productivity and quality consistency by investing in new flexo ink proofing system.

Brummen, Netherlands, March 16, 2012: Leading gift wrap and accessories manufacturer Hoomark (Hoogeveen, Netherlands) is expecting to reduce its set-up time and ensure flexo colour quality consistency by investing in a table-top wet proofing system from Print Proof Solutions. The Perfect Proofer enables lab technicians to pre-flight ink formulations under actual conditions of the flexo press without the need for fingerprinting.

Hoomark productsHoomark produces a wide range of customised merchandise including wrap, ribbons, bows, cards, bags, labels and packaging for global companies such as Disney, Warner Bros., Barbapapa and Sanrio (Hello Kitty). Its unique designs feature on various types of paper and film materials such as holograms and metallic substrates, using water based inks. Printing on to a variety of complex substrates leads to lengthy set-up times and material waste because each substrate type requires its unique ink formulation.

The Perfect Proofer’s exact simulation of press conditions ensures colour quality is achieved in any situation. The unit features a miniature printing head, a 1″ or 2″ anilox roll, and impression roller, which is gear-driven to handle any paper or film substrate, including unsupported types. Impression pressure and nip distances are adjustable by increments of microns. As a result, the proofer is capable of offering full predictability of the target result, to within a fraction delta E, at the desired dot-gain, and saving up to 15 minutes’ makeready time per job.