Clean Machine

Cleanliness is crucial for accurate readings, and anyone familiar with flexo inks knows that print heads must be cleaned immediately.

This fully automatic proofing head cleaning system was developed as a companion to the Perfect Proofer ink proofing system. Once a proof is pulled, simply uncouple the proofing head from the machine’s turret and snap it onto the Clean Machine. Push one button and the proofing head spin it in a stream of press-wash.

After 30 seconds, clean-up is done. Just remove the proofing head from the cleaning system and dry it off with the Clean Machine’s compressed air hose. In less than a minute the proofing head has been cleaned and is ready to pull another proof.

If your ink lab is still using hand proofers, the chances are excellent that we have a mounting adaptor which will fit your proofer. If we do, the Clean Machine will save you hours of clean-up labor on every shift.